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Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart

ZodiacSignCompatibilityChart.com is an omnibus information website. It brings together all of my current knowledge and experience in astrology, with a particular emphasis on relationships. I do not claim to be an Astrologer, merely a collector and disseminator of information, with a little comment in between.

Finding good relationships, understanding yourself first and understanding your potential partner second is a quest of interest to us all.

People are often skeptical of the connection between the planets and peoples’ behaviour.
I postulate a reason for the connection here on this ZodiacSignCompatibilityChart.com website.

I then have a look at the star signs in particular, and later, you will also be able to go into the Chinese Astrology, which I have found from my point of view, to be much more subtle and in a way, of much more benefit, in the sense that the pragmatic view of the Chinese astrology is a good way of managing personalities.

For instance, Chinese Astrology says that the pig and the snake do not get on, in fact the snake risks harm from the pig. This is in also my own experience; I’m born in the year of the pig and my eldest sister is born in the year of the snake, and yes, we do not get on.

See and buy the both Western and Chinese Astrology Books noted on this website.  Below is a small selection of the books I can recommend and have been using for some time. If you want to search all of Amazon for other Astrology books, go to the Buy Astrology Books tab in the right hand column of this page.

I then look at a Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart, in the western astrology and ultimately the eastern astrology as well. I have found them quite useful, accurate and rather funny.

I then look at a number of websites, six in fact. There are two there,where you can obtain your Astrological Chart and analysis.

These are free and very useful for deriving personal understanding, development and particularly compatibility.

Finally, I will soon offer an Astrological Chart Analysis. This is a personalized chart done by a dear friend of mine and not a computer generated analysis .

She is not going to do it for free, so whilst you are here, please tell me what you would be prepared to pay for a “Personalized Analysis” ?

So that’s it for the moment, please leave me your comments and…………


Tom Wilson

You can watch my video on YouTube at:
Part 2: The Connection:

 An explanation as to how the planets might influence human beings’ behaviour.

In my school days, we had science classes and one of the experiments if you like, was the use of the “Helmholtz Coil”. This was a funny looking contraption. It was a chrome sphere mounted atop a post, around or inside which a belt moved rapidly or could be moved rapidly and in doing so, it generated an electrostatic field.

Considerable mirth was generated when students put their heads close to this coil, and of course their hair stood on end and there were some quite amazing sights to behold.

Further, I think we’re all familiar with the effect the moon has on peoples’ behaviour. Stories abound in Accident and Emergency Departments in hospitals, where an increase in activity in these departments during a full moon is noted. Indeed, the term “lunatic” is derived in the English language, from the activities of individuals during a full moon.

So I surmise that it is possible, and astrology maintains this, that the influence of large planets moving in and out of our chart does influence our behaviour by virtue of electromagnetic connection.

Followers of Astrology will also observe that all star signs have what I call “patterns of thinking”. The Leo can be a fiery cat-like creature that flares up, flaring its teeth, bearing its claws and about five minutes later, can be most docile and placid.

The Taurean can be a docile, very pleasant creature, somewhat prone to gluttony and if they lose they temper which is not very often, perhaps once a year, just leave town. I mean the ferocity of the explosion is something to behold. I can go further and deeper into the Chinese astrology and look at the water signs, the wood, the fire, and earth elements. Water, wood, fire  and earthPigs for instance. Various authors, such as Paula Delsol, have illustrated the subtleties of the characters of the Chinese signs. It makes very interesting reading.

To illustrate the connection of the planets to star signs and patterns of thinking, I draw the analogy of a sphere with a little ball bearing inside it. You can imagine that the sphere is influenced by electromagnetic influences from large planets. Likewise, a baby. If you imagine its brain to be this sphere with a ball bearing in it, when it is activated, not when it is conceived, but when the brain is activated at the moment of birth, I maintain that the little ball bearing moves around inside that sphere in a certain way.  i.e. With certain patterns of thinking.

For instance:

The Gemini ball bearing will move very quickly in a mercurial fashion, darting from topic to topic, whereas the Taurean is slow, steady, and measured, but if you upset him or her, all hell breaks loose.  That might happen about once a year, if at all. When it does….leave town ! ! !

The Virgo’s attention to detail, an absolute fiery temper, with white hot heat is like Kevin Rudd.

The Aries are very quick, sure footed, somewhat blunt, backed into a corner, they head-butt like a goat. They also have a shy insecure quality about them. I won’t go into all individual star sign characteristics here, sufficeth to say, that in this section, I just want to establish the rationale for a connection between the planets and peoples’ behaviour, and the fact that the pattern of behaviour is established at the moment of birth. Therefore, the position of the planets at that particular time is highly relevant to the individual’s character and personality.

These characteristics are all spelt out in the various books generalizing about the star signs. However, the pattern of thinking doesn’t change throughout an individual’s life.

I look at the types of astrology from two points of view;

One: The Western astrology, and that to me, in perhaps a limited way, is analogous to the clothes of an individual.

Two: The Chinese astrology, and that to me is analogous to the thinking of the brain or the personality; the subtleties more than anything, of an individual.

I find that Chinese astrology of much greater depth than western astrology, but that is just a personal taste and perhaps a simplistic notion.

All the best.


Tom Wilson


  1. Great readings, thank you tom.
    I am a in a very new relationship with cancer man, moon taurus, asc scorpio, I am sun virgo moon libra, asc gemini. We have karmic chemistry and really hope we have a long future together, what do you think? x

    • Hi Helen,
      This is a four star relationship.
      He will be loyal, loving, good with children and he anticipates your next move. You’ll love him.
      However, just remember that this Western Astrological stuff is only about one third of the recipe,
      the other third is the Chinese stuff, read Paula Delsol’s book, Chinese Astrology, and the other third
      is all the socio-economic stuff. i.e. Age, stage in life, education, training, life experience.
      So best of luck.
      Kind regards

  2. I am in a cancer in a relationship with a scorpio female, could you tell me more?

  3. I am Geminis and my boyfriend is a Virgo. As a Geminis i over think everything lol but sometimes i think he do not care about out relationship because me don’t talk a lot basically. For example, i like long conversation and long text messengers because that make me think someone care about the other person but he does not do that at all but at the same times he care because he say he don’t want to lost me and want to be with me but the way he act is make me think that is only lies.. I don’t know if it is how Virgos react. also i read a lot about the capability between Virgo and Geminis and they say their really good about relationships and stuff you know. by the way he born September 20 of 1993 and i born June 17 of 1994

  4. i have just met the love of my life after 8 year apart i think this is the big one whole package business she is Cancer and Aquarius cusp, june 21st and i am pieces’ march the seventh, can u refine my thought tom it is your advice value above the rest so i thought i would ask,

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