The Cancer is water, cardinal and negative sign.
Ruled by the Moon, it’s symbol is the Crab.

Cancer Libra  






The Libra is an Air, cardinal and positive sign.
Ruled by Venus it’s symbol is the Scales.

Male Cancer-Libra female is a three star relationship and male Libra-Cancer female is a two star relationship.

These two are an interesting, if somewhat difficult combination.
I am tempted to say that water and air become frothy but I think that is a little to frivolous. This is a serious relationship that needs to be worked at but as the intent of this site is to find good love relationships, I do not really believe relationships ought to be worked at. They should simply flow and mingle together naturally.
According to the Christian-Judean work ethic, you need to work at something and therefore it is very worthy and worthwhile. However, I take my cue from the Chinese side of things where they are very pragmatic. For instance, if the snake and the pig don’t get on, don’t put them together !

But obviously relationships can work, given the intelligence, experience and age of the individuals concerned. Both individuals need to become less active and more passive. That is, instead of actively trying to make themselves understood they should really try and listen, absorb and understand.

The Libran is essentially logical instead of intuitive and whilst inordinately tolerant it will take the Libran a long time to really get through the tough Crabs shell. Conversely, it will take the Libran a long time to really understand why the Crab crawls sideways and he is not willing or able to confront situations head on.

There is a fundamental difference between these two. The Libran is essentially outward looking and the Cancer is essentially inward looking. This difference manifests itself in their health. The Crabs tending to hypochondriac’s and the Libran, with their love of parties, tend to self inflicted over-indulgence.

Money is another area of possible conflict for these two. The Crab needs financial and emotional security whilst these are not so important to the Libran. So really for this relationship to work the Cancer needs lots of money.

Despite Cancer’s tendency towards hypochondria, they are in fact very, very tough. Physically, emotionally and mentally. The Libran on the other hand because of the constant balancing act that is going on inside them they wear themselves out. Cancer will tend to prolong their illnesses because they’re prone not to let go and this is where Libra can reason with them and gently pry their crab claws apart and release them from their ales. However if the Libran is stressed for a long period of time it can exhaust them they can become emotionally distraught and unbalanced. They can become the very thing that they are seeking to avoid.

It is important to get the air water mixture right. Be careful not criticise a crab at all and when talking to a Libran make sure you give both sides of the analysis. Only giving one side will drive them crazy. In essence the Libran pursuit of balance and fairness allows the crab to contribute much more and come out of their shell.

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About Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart

I have been reading Astrology books and doing friends charts for over twenty years now. In that time, I have formulated theories and concepts as to the connections between people and the planets. I have observed the PATTERNS of thinking of the various Star Signs. Where all the information is. What are the good books, How to use Astrology to understand people. What is the significance of Astrology when set beside their age, their upbringing, education and experience.. i.e. A young Leo is very different from an older Leo, and yet the pattern of their thinking is the same. They still both flare up, but the older Leo, being a little more self aware is able to control his or her temper more. i.e. The Cortex controls the Thalamus (More later !)

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