The Gemini is an Air, mutable and a positive sign. Ruled by Mercury.
Its symbol is the Twins and they are a masculine force.

Gemini Leo






The Leo is a fire sign, fixed and positive. Ruled by the Sun.
Its symbol is the Lion or the shy pussy cat and it is a masculine force.

The male Gemini-Leo female is a three star relationship.

The male Leo-Gemini female is a four star relationship.

The Gemini is constantly moving and yet the Leo only really moves when he has to but when he does, he can really move very fast. Both have an innate weakness in that the lion and lioness’ trying to prove that they really are quite brave and forthright but underneath there is some self doubt there. The same with the Gemini. They are constantly moving around mainly in circles but the mere fact that they are moving makes them feel that they are actually achieving something, whether or not they are going in a straight line or not is irrelevant.

Leo’s have a peculiar knack of being able to project an ability and strength of character, whilst inwardly they fear themselves that they do not have it but if they pretend long enough they actually achieve the strength and ability and regales stature that they project. So you will find that more mature Gemini and Leo’s do or have developed that inner strength that was not so prevalent in youth.

Geminis have a slick quality and a light-weight quality. Gemini’s are quite content to be at the back of the hall doing all sorts of roles in the theatre, stage hand, ticket seller. Whereas the big cat has really got to be up front on stage lauding it over everybody. The director, the producer, the mega star. Geminis are quiet happy with that. Geminis are wonderful conversationalists. They sparkle as they can flip from subject to subject. They don’t give lectures to people like Leos do.

Geminis learn very quickly how to handle the proud Leo sandwiching the sarcastic comment between and ending in flattery. I know Geminis quiet well as my mother was a Gemini and my ex wife was a Gemini and I am a Leo and whenever we got an invitation to a party I would be the first one to say “Hey yippee, lets go” and my wife would say no and then of course when we go there my wife would have a wonderful time chatting to everybody and I would be sitting in the corner wanting to go home wondering why on earth I came.

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About Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart

I have been reading Astrology books and doing friends charts for over twenty years now. In that time, I have formulated theories and concepts as to the connections between people and the planets. I have observed the PATTERNS of thinking of the various Star Signs. Where all the information is. What are the good books, How to use Astrology to understand people. What is the significance of Astrology when set beside their age, their upbringing, education and experience.. i.e. A young Leo is very different from an older Leo, and yet the pattern of their thinking is the same. They still both flare up, but the older Leo, being a little more self aware is able to control his or her temper more. i.e. The Cortex controls the Thalamus (More later !)

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