The Gemini is an Air, mutable and a positive sign. Ruled by Mercury.
Its symbol is the Twins and they are a masculine force.








The Sagittarius is a Fire, mutable, and positive sign. Ruled by Jupiter.
Its symbol is the Archer and Centaur and it is a masculine force.

Male Gemini-Sagittarius female is a five star relationship likewise the male Sagittarius-Gemini female is also a five star relationship.

For Sagittarians truth is their measure and hypocrisy is their enemy. In a way there are two types of archers. Those that relate to the front half or human half of the Centaur and the others that relate to the rear half or the equestrian half.
So with duality in both of these signs it makes for an interesting and complex relationship.

Sagittarians have a sparkle about them, some are extroverts, some are introverts, some are quiet, some are shy but they are witty, wise, refreshing, youthful and very honest. They shoot their arrows directly to the heart with acute accuracy “Oh ! did you have to tell me that ! I know that, but it hurts to be told”.

The Geminis don’t have any common traits with the Sagittarian, they have got two personalities and two dispositions, one can be a delightful princess and the other a hard faced bitch and usually you have got to get through the bitch to find the soft gentle princess. The fire and air usually help each other to grow but the air can starve the fire or the fire can exhaust the air.

Sagittarius is blunt and clumsy and the Gemini is poised and charming. Together they are not necessarily empire builders. In a way they are both sprinters and not long distance runners. They are good knock around buddies but the Gemini has got to play it straight with the Sagittarius otherwise the Sagittarius will just shoot an arrow directly into Geminis heart.

The Gemini plays games with the Sagittarius. Gemini’s always operate at high speed. They get things done very quickly. Geminis are sunny, cheerful, sparkling and street wise. Sagittarians don’t have the mercurial alacrity of the Geminis and don’t always win the argument like the very persuasive Gemini but when they feel they are losing the argument, their stinging words and lack of subtly lose it even quicker for them. Gemini has an inordinately effective weapon – sarcasm. On the other hand Sagittarius just does not know how to use sarcasm.

A Gemini can stir up the Sagittarius no end but on the other hand so can the Sagittarius stir up the Gemini. Their arguments can be pretty noisy and if one gets the upper hand completely the other is liable to just leave for good. In argument the Sagittarius tends to inflict more emotional wounds and the Gemini plays with the Sagittarius’ mind. When there is harmony between these two, and is quite often, it is extraordinary uplifting for all of those surrounding.

There is a sort of uncommon bond and subtle esoteric communication between them.

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About Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart

I have been reading Astrology books and doing friends charts for over twenty years now. In that time, I have formulated theories and concepts as to the connections between people and the planets. I have observed the PATTERNS of thinking of the various Star Signs. Where all the information is. What are the good books, How to use Astrology to understand people. What is the significance of Astrology when set beside their age, their upbringing, education and experience.. i.e. A young Leo is very different from an older Leo, and yet the pattern of their thinking is the same. They still both flare up, but the older Leo, being a little more self aware is able to control his or her temper more. i.e. The Cortex controls the Thalamus (More later !)

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